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Vibracinė platforma Sky SVP13

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  • SVP13 VIBRATION PLATFORM 3D (TWO MOTORS) SVP13 is a 3D vibration platform. In case of ordinary platforms the vibrating motion takes place within a single plane. In the 3D platform, the motions are oscillatory, vertical and linear. It is also possible to combine two programs, then the motions take place at two planes simultaneously. Such a solution brings much greater results. The platform is moved by two motors assuring a multi-directional oscillation. The SVP13 vibration platform is a device due to which one can achieve a perfect silhouette. Workouts on the platform engage the whole body: muscles of legs, buttocks, abdomen, and upper part of the body. The platform enables training at 3 intensity levels. Standing in the middle of the machine simulates a walk, keeping a small distance between feet simulates jogging, and finally, a wide space between feet is a simulation of a sprint. The device has 99 speed levels. Combined with a timer, the SVP13 computer is equipped with, warrants that the equipment will satisfy your expectations. An additional advantage is the massage mat included in the set. The mat is put on the platform. Combination of vibrations and special massage pads on the mat ensures ideal feet massage and, as a result, complete relaxation. The set includes a set of resistance tapes, which diversify and make the training complete. Moreover, the platform perfectly stimulates the blood circulation, it relaxes and accelerates muscle regeneration. . The device is very easy to use. The remote control included in the product ensures easy control and quick change of workouts. Additionally, the platform has the Bluetooth module and built-in speakers. This gives us the possibility to connect with the platform via our smart phone or any other device and listen to our favorite music during a workout. The device is suitable for people at every proficiency level. SVP13 has 5 workout programs and a manual mode enabling a user to adjust the workout to his/her abilities and needs. Due to SVP13 a perfect body shape can be achieved without any effort, heavy equipment or visits at a gym. Training is possible even while watching your favorite program on TV. Specification: Color: dark blue Massage device type: platform Range of motion: axial + vibrating Number of range of motion combinations: 3 Number of engines: 2 Number of speeds: 1 ÷ 99 Vibration frequency (axial movement) Hz: 43597 Vibration frequency (linear motion) Hz: wpisz w Hz Vibration frequency (vibration) Hz: 43597 Display Type: LED Additional equipment: expanders: yes massaging mat: yes control device: remote speakers: yes bluetooth: yes light panels: yes Unfolded dimensions: length (mm): 780 width (mm): 400 height (mm): 140 Maximum user weight (kg): 150 Power supply: 230V Remarks: Not for commercial use 24 months warranty

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