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Vibracinė platforma Sky SVP06

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  • Vibrating platform SVP06 is a machine which will help us achieve a perfect silhouette. Exercises on the platform provide training for the whole body: muscles of legs, buttocks, stomach, as well as upper muscle parts. The platform offers 3 levels of workout intensity. Standing in the centre mimics walking, a little space between your feet leads to jogging, and wide spacing of feet simulates sprint. The machine comes with 99 speed levels, which along with a minute clock of SVP06 guarantees that we will adjust the equipment to our expectations. An additional advantage is a massaging mat included in the set. The mat is placed on the platform. Combination of vibrations and special massaging lugs on the mat ensures perfect massage of feet and in consequence – a complete relaxation. The set includes resistance bands to make the workout more varied and exhaustive. In addition, the platform serves to improve blood circulation, relieves muscles and supports their relaxation. The equipment can be used by persons at every advancement level. SVP06 offers 10 workout programmes as well as a manual mode, which means you can easily adapt the training to your capacity and needs. The machine is easy to use. A remote control attached to the product allows for easy control and adjustment of the programmes. Moreover, the platform is equipped with bluetooth, USB port and built-in loud speakers. They give us an opportunity to connect with the platform via our smartphone or other device to enjoy our favourite music during workout. Effortless achievement of a perfect silhouette without heavy equipment of gym cards will be possible thanks to SVP06. You can carry out your training even as you watch your favourite TV programme. Specification Dimensions: 76 x 44 x 13 cm Product weight: 15.5 kg Material: iron, synthetic material Functions: 10 workout programmes Manual mode for control of working speed 3 intensity levels 99 speed levels Bluetooth Loud speakers Maximum user’s body weight: 150 kg Rated power: 110-220V, 200W, one engine Rated frequency: 10hz Vibration amplitude: 10 mm Set includes: Remote control Resistance bands Massaging mat Vibrating platform Remarks Not for commercial use, 24 months warranty

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