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Vandens gira inSPORTline Quabell 8kg

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  • The Dumbbell inSPORTline Quabell 8kg is a unique, water-filled dumbbell. You can fill the dumbbell with up to 8 liters of water and use it as a regular Vin-Bell. As a result, you can adjust its weight to your needs. Moreover, when empty, the dumbbell is extremely lightweight and takes up almost no space, making it easy to carry and therefore perfect for traveling. During the workout, the water in the dumbbell moves from side to side, constantly changing center of gravity, thus forcing you to engage your stabilizer muscles and making the workout more effective. The shut-off valve with a cap (with a practical string on it) allows for easy filling/draining.

    Made of durable PVC, the Dumbbell inSPORTline Quabell 8kg features strong seams which prevent water leak or rupture. The long neoprene handle allows you to lift the dumbbell up using both hands. Its adjustable weight makes this water-filled dumbbell suitable for all age and exercise groups. Its wide range of uses makes the Dumbbell inSPORTline Quabell 8kg suitable for a full body workout, particularly for improving your strength. 

    Technical description:

    • Water-filled Vin-Bell dumbbell
    • Adjustable weight
    • Comfortable neoprene handle
    • Durable material and strong seams
    • Shut-off valve with cap
    • Suitable for full body workout
    • Material: PVC
    • Empty weight: 380g
    • Max weight: 8kg
    • Diameter: 20cm
    • Height: 28cm

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