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Vaikiškas šokliukas Worker Pogo Stick 500 (iki 50kg)

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  • WORKER Pogo Stick 500 is an ideal equipment for training children’s nimbleness, balance and endurance. It makes your upper body parts and legs stronger. Moreover, gained training experiences can be used as a starting point for a snowboard, wakeboard, motocross and other sports activities. It is very easy to use this product. Just step on the footrests and start jumping. You can learn it in a few minutes. This product features a diaphanous spring tube. You can monitor spring moving with own eyes. We recommend to use safety accessory such as an approved helmet and protectors.

    Technical parameters:

    • Lightweight but solid shape
    • Non-slip stick pad
    • Anti-slip footrests
    • Diaphanous tube
    • Height: 97 cm
    • Grip width: 26 cm
    • Rest dimensions: 9,5 x 5 cm
    • Material: plastic, aluminium
    • Weight: 1.36 kg
    • Max. load capacity: 50 kg

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