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Universalus, reguliuojamos padėties suolelis Marbo MF-L001 - black

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    Marbo Sport
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  • Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport

    Double-sided bench

    Double-sided bench MF-L001 is a device with a powerful design, designed for all kinds of exercises with barbells or dumbbells.

    The design of the bench is based on thick 100x40 mm profiles with a 3 mm wall, guaranteeing the solidity and strength of the entire structure.

    For the production of control elements, we used sheet metal with an impressive thickness of # 10 mm, which we secured with a shiny anti-corrosive coating.

    The bench has a seat adjustable in four levels and a backrest that you can set in one of six positions.

    Noteworthy is the new upholstery, in which we equipped the bench MF-L001.

    We built it from four elements matched to the anatomical shapes of the person exercising, which significantly increases the comfort of exercise. The upholstery has a casing made of durable material, which gives the device a unique look.

    Free Weight Line - free weight gym

    The Marbo Free Weight series is commercial equipment for free weight, designed for professional bodybuilders who value comfort and confidence of exercise.

    The devices in this series feature a construction based on 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 40 mm durable profiles with a wall thickness of 3 mm. The design of each structure has eye-pleasing curves that, combined with the rounded upholstery casing, make the Free Weight series look attractive and modern. This equipment will be the pride of any professional gym!

    Free Weight
    Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport

    See what exercises you will do with the MF-L001 bench

    • Squeezing the barbell in a narrow grip lying down
    • Dumbbell bench press
    • Moving the dumbbell behind the head in a lying position
    • Spreaders with dumbbells on a horizontal bench
    • Lying bench press in a wide grip
    • Dumbbell bench press


    Applied solutions

    Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport

    Upholstery housing

    The upholstery has been made of durable black plastic covers.

    They protect the upholstery from damage and give the device an extraordinary, modern design.

    Handle and transport wheels

    The bench has been equipped with a handle covered with non-slip material and practical transport wheels.

    Thanks to this solution, you can transport the device in a convenient and safe way.

    Rubber feet

    We have equipped the bench with thick rubber feet that ensure the stability of the equipment during exercise.

    Thanks to the use of rubber feet for the legs of the bench, you can be sure that it will not scratch your floor.

    Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport

    Backrest and seat adjustment system

    The MF-L001 bench has six back angle adjustment angles: 0 °, 16 °, 32 °, 48 °, 64 ° and 80 °, which in combination with the adjustable in four positions (0 °, 13 °, 26 °, 39 °) seat , gives you the opportunity to perfectly set the bench for the selected exercise, regardless of your height.

    The adjustment elements have been burned out of thick sheet metal # 10 mm, thanks to which the mechanism is strong and durable.

    To set the right level of backrest or seat, just grab the red handle and set it to the desired angle.

    Reinforced upholstery

    The upholstery has a double reinforcement on each edge of the upholstered element. We were able to achieve this by using a thick, strong COATS core thread in combination with durable synthetic leather.

    Solid construction

    The design of the MF-L001 bench ensures maximum stability and safety during training.

    For its production, we used thick 100 x 40 mm profiles with a 3 mm wall, which guarantees the reliability and durability of all equipment.

    Arched hind legs make the bench retain its stability even during intense training.


    Technical data

    Ławka dwustronna MF-L001 - Marbo Sport

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