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Universalus neigiamo kampo suolelis Marbo MP-L208 2.0

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  • Ławka do wyciskania w skosie ujemnym - Marbo Sport


    The MP-L208 2.0 negative-slant bench press from the PRO 2.0 line is a conveniently adjustable exercise station, thanks to which you are able to sculpt steel muscles of your arms, chest and abdomen.


    Applied solutions

    Ławka do wyciskania w skosie ujemnym - Marbo Sport Ławka do wyciskania w skosie ujemnym - Marbo Sport Ławka do wyciskania w skosie ujemnym - Marbo Sport



    The MP-L208 2.0 bench is equipped with an adjustable leg locking module, which provides you with a stable and comfortable position during training, regardless of your height.



    MP-A002 2.0 legs and MP-A001 2.0 sleeves are not included in the set and are sold separately.




    The construction of the bench is based on thick 100x50 mm profiles with a 3mm wall, which guarantees solidity and durability of the entire structure.

    The multi-level stands are made of thick and massive 8mm sheet metal, which we secured with an anti-corrosion coating and covered with an additional layer of painted steel to match the entire structure of the machine. Such strong materials guarantee full safety and comfort of your customers.




    We built the backrest of 3 ergonomic elements adapted to the anatomical shapes of the exercising person, and the seat has been specially profiled, which significantly increases the comfort of exercise.

    All the upholstery elements are mounted on a 3mm thick full sheet metal, so that the equipment will serve as long as possible and be as safe as possible.

    Ławka do wyciskania w skosie ujemnym - Marbo Sport


    The bench is equipped with holes in which you can attach optional legs (available as a separate product MP-A002 2.0), to which you can screw Olympic load sleeves (available as a separate product MP-A001 2.0).

    If you don't want to order them right away with the bench, no problem. You will be able to buy them at any time from the store staff. Thanks to this solution, the additional weight is now always at hand!

    See what exercises you will do with the MP-L208 2.0 bench:

    • Squeezing the bar in a wide grip lying head down
    • Dumbbell bench press lying on the bench
    • Squeezing the bar in a narrow grip lying head down
    • Dumbbell press on an inclined bench
    • Bends while lying down with your head down
    • The twists of the torso while lying down

    PRO 2.0 line - equipment for commercial use

    The best that a real bodybuilder can meet - the Marbo Pro 2.0 series.

    The equipment in this line has a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard and can be used in commercial and public utility power plants. Experience the pleasure of exercising with the best equipment on the market! Class: S - Equipment intended for commercial use.

    To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center.

    The result of these tests is the Security Certificate and Top Security Certificate that we received for PRO 2.0 devices.

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