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Universalus masažuoklis inSPORTline Duobol 8x16cm 30g

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  • Made of polypropylene, the Massage Double Ball inSPORTline Duobol are two joined, relatively hard balls with a soft, plastic surface texture. It helps maintain correct body posture and relieve muscle tension. However, it also helps improve spine mobility and relieve the pain of the muscle plexus (nervous plexus) in the lumbar area, hips, neck and spine. This ball is recommended for those who put stress on their spines (e.g. people who have been sitting all day at work), those who suffer from discopathy (a spinal disc herniation) or those with a low fitness level. You can use the ball when exercising on the floor or you can lean it against the wall. Thanks to its small size and light weight you can use the Massage Double Ball inSPORTline Duobol virtually anywhere.

    Technical description:

    • Massage double-ball
    • Soft surface texture
    • Helps maintain correct body posture and improve spine mobility
    • Intended for muscle massage, stimulation, regeneration and recovery
    • Dimensions: diameter 8mm x length 16cm
    • Weight: 30g
    • Material: EPP (extruded polypropylene – extremely durable foam material)

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