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Treniruoklis pilvo presui Marbo MP-U223 - burgundy

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    Marbo Sport
    290 kg
    24 mėn.
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  • Maszyna na spięcia brzucha - Marbo Sport

    Abdominal machine

    If you are looking for absolutely uncompromising solutions, you need equipment that will meet the most stringent requirements, and at the same time it does not cost you any assets,
    our offer is just for you!

    Exercise on a machine for abdominal shortening, you minimize the risk of muscle injuries and injuries.

    The machine has full seat adjustment in up to four positions.
    Thanks to this, everyone can exercise there, regardless of their height.

    Having years of experience in the production of equipment for the needs of commercial gyms, we have managed to create a trouble-free product that will not undergo even the most murderous operation. Combined with the use of state-of-the-art sheet and profile forming machines, we have created a product that sets new trends in equipment design in this price category.

    Professional Line - equipment for commercial use

    The best thing that can happen to a real bodybuilder - the Marbo Professional series.

    The equipment in this line has a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard and can be used in commercial and public gyms. Experience the pleasure of exercising on the best equipment on the market! Class: S - Equipment intended for commercial use.

    Maszyna na spięcia brzucha - Marbo Sport

    See what exercises you will do with the MP-U223

    • Torso forward on the machine while sitting


    Applied solutions

    Maszyna na spięcia brzucha MP-U223- Marbo Sport Maszyna na spięcia brzucha MP-U223- Marbo Sport Maszyna na spięcia brzucha MP-U223- Marbo Sport

    A stack that can be expanded

    We equipped the MP-U223 with a weight stack of 120 kg consisting of 12 bars weighing 10 kg each.

    This is of course the standard size, which you can expand to your needs up to 160 kg.

    The stack housing has a plastic cover, and the stack itself is covered with semi-transparent Plexiglas plates.

    Thanks to this solution, the stack operation is even more quiet, and the whole machine has an aesthetic and eye-catching look.

    Seat adjustment

    The position of the seat is adjustable in 4 levels, thanks to which each exerciser will adjust the machine to his height.

    Adjustment is carried out using a red, practical spring pin marked with red. Thanks to it you gain comfort and simplicity of regulation not previously achieved.

    Forget about metal pins, knobs and grommets. Now only one hand movement separates you from setting the optimal workout position!

    Quick tensioning system

    We have equipped the MP-U223 with an innovative system that allows you to stretch the cable in the machine with a single key.

    This solution allows to virtually eliminate the delay in the operation of the machine.
    This means that the stack will work already with the slightest arm movement.

    Technical data

    Maszyna na spięcia brzucha - Marbo Sport

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