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Treniruoklis multifunkcis Marbo MP-T002 midi - black

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    Marbo Sport
    1710 kg
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  • Wieża 6-stanowiskowa MIDI  - Marbo Sport

    6-station MIDI tower

    If you are looking for absolutely uncompromising solutions, you need equipment that will meet the most stringent requirements, and at the same time it does not cost you any assets - our offer is just for you!

    We know perfectly well how important every square centimeter in your fitness club is. That is why we decided to combine four machines into one. We present you our latest product, which is the MPI T002 six-station MIDI tower.

    The device consists of four machines: MP-U206 upper lift, MP-U207 lower lift, MP-U230 rope station and MP-U204 gate with rod.

    Having years of experience in the production of equipment for the needs of commercial gyms, we have managed to create a trouble-free product that will not even undergo the most murderous operation. Combined with the use of state-of-the-art sheet and profile forming machines, we have created a product that sets new trends in equipment design in this price category.

    Professional Line - equipment for commercial use

    The best thing that can happen to a real bodybuilder - the Marbo Professional series.

    The equipment in this line has a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard and can be used in commercial and public gyms. Experience the pleasure of exercising on the best equipment on the market! Class: S - Equipment intended for commercial use.

    Wieża 6-stanowiskowa MIDI  - Marbo Sport

    See what exercises you will do with the MP-T002 machine

    • Pulling the upper lift rod to the chest with the handle
    • Pulling the upper lift rod to the chest in the tract
    • Forearm flexing on the lower lift
    • Forearm flexing with the lower extractor
    • Crossing the lift lines in stand-alone condition
    • Pull-ups on a stick in wide / medium / narrow grip and grip


    Applied solutions

    Wieża 6-stanowiskowa MIDI  MP-T002- Marbo Sport Wieża 6-stanowiskowa MIDI  MP-T002- Marbo Sport Wieża 6-stanowiskowa MIDI  MP-T002- Marbo Sport

    MP-U206 upper lift

    The upper arm of the machine is extended to a height of 230 cm. Thanks to this, people who are over 200 cm tall will be able to train on the device.

    The lift was equipped with a stack weighing 120 kg, consisting of bars: 8x5kg, 8x10kg.

    MP-U207 bottom lift

    The lower lift has large, comfortable platforms made of checkered plate, which guarantee the possibility of taking a firm and stable position during exercise.

    Thanks to the anti-slip teardrop sheet, the exerciser's feet do not shift during training.

    MP-U204 gate and MP-U230 rope station

    We have equipped the gate and rope station with a system for adjusting the position of the handles, which allows you to do a lot more exercises than on a traditional machine.

    The adjustment is carried out using a yellow, practical spring pin marked with yellow.

    We've hidden all the wheels under the covers made of black plastic. The cables are terminated with a massive Allen screw clamp and amortized by a ball made of thick rubber.

    The rope station has a 1: 1 load ratio and the gate 2: 1

    Technical data

    Wieża 6-stanowiskowa MIDI  - Marbo Sport

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