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Treniruoklis-laiptai HMS Premium ST01 komerciniam naudojimui

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  • ST01 HMS PREMIUM is a Semi Commercial training staircase. It is a solution good for both the gym and home use. While not the easiest, thestair workout gives many benefits. Amongst the whole group of cardio devices, training stairs are definitely the quickest to raise the pulse to a high level, which results in an express increase in body temperature and consequently, the process of fat burning kicks in sooner. An additional benefit is an increase in our performance, or to put it simply, we are quickly getting fitter. While climbing stairs, we engage a lot more muscle than when using a treadmill or elliptical cross trainer. The main muscles involved during the exercise are the leg muscles: quadriceps, biceps, larger and smaller gluteus as well as calves. We should also be mindful of the fact that it is not just the legs, but the entire body that works out. The abdomen and back play the key role in this exercise because they stabilize the posture. The ST01 is equipped with handrails which allow for greater safety and comfort. However, if we master the art of climbing stairs without holding onto the handrails, we will involve the stabilizing muscles much more strongly and at the same time we will develop motor coordination. Stairs are also a great complement to the runners' training. They are best to strengthen the muscles stabilizing the pelvis, knees, and ankle. That is why they are a frequent choice of professionals as well as those who run only occasionally. ST01 HMS PREMIUM is a solid and robuts product. Its design guarantees user safety. The ergonomic control panel and ease of use allow a person to dedicate entirely to the workout and focus only on training. ST01 HMS PREMIUM is the perfect choice for your gym or home. It will surely meet expectations of even the most demanding users. Specyfication: Engine: 2.0 HP Speed: 14-140 stairs per min (10 level) Computer: LED Programs: 36 Individual programs: 1 Features: Step counter Pulse (touch sensors) Speed Time Floors counter USB input Audio input MP3 Speakers Number of stairs: 8 Number of active stairs: 3 Stairs angle: 38 degrees Dimensions of one step: 550 x 240 x 180 mm Maximum user weight: 160 kg Product weight: 175 kg Product dimensions: 146.4 x 81 x 255.5 cm REMARKS: 24 months warranty-home use 12 months warranty-commercial use

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