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Treniruočių žymeklis-kūgis inSPORTline CF090.2 18cm

  • Kraunamos nuotraukos
  • Training Cone inSPORTline CF090.2 is suitable for marking terrain during games and various training exercises. The holes in the cone can be used to attach ropes or gymnastics bars. It is a simple way to create hurdles of various lengths. The cones will surely be appreciated by both coaches and recreational athletes. They can be used for speed training, taining with a ball, as well as children's games.

    Technical description:

    • For putting up obstacles
    • For marking terrain
    • Holes for a wider range of use
    • For training and games
    • Weight: 20 g
    • Diameter: 10 cm
    • Height: 18 cm

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