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Treniruočių virvė su paminkštinimu HMS RP03

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  • RP03 HMS - rope. The product has shields bonded with ends of the rope, which ensures a firm grip. High quality, durability and a dense weave of the rope warrant successful workout under any conditions.

    RP03 HMS model is an elegant way to keep the body fit. Its simplicity and high efficiency make it is worth being included it into a regular training program. RP03 HMS rope enables a user to activate the whole body. In this way we achieve much better results and consequently, greater motivation and satisfaction.

    An innovative feature of exercises with the RP03 HMS rope is combination of elements of the strength and the endurance workouts. Due to it one can simultaneously develop arms, back and shoulders, as well as abdomen muscles and legs. Versatility of such a training makes it is unrivaled when it comes about struggle against unnecessary fatty tissue.

    RP03 HMS rope has been finished with durable guards ensuring a strong grip. Exercises with the RP03 HMS rope can be carried out in many ways hence, we recommend it to both, beginners and advanced users. Everyone will find his/her own way to use it for sure.

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