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Treniruočių virvė HMS RP02

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  • RP02 HMS – rope. The product ends with integrated covers for secure grip. High quality, durability and tight weave ensure effective workout in any conditions.

    Model RP02 HMS is an elegant tool that will help you sculpt your silhouette. Its simplicity and high efficiency mean it is worth making it a regular element of your training programme. In comparison to traditional workout, rope RP02 HMS enables activation of the whole body. This is why we get much better effects and in consequence feel more motivated to exercise and satisfied with the training.

    An innovative feature of exercise with RP02 HMS is that it provides for a combination of strength and endurance workout. The rope allows us to work simultaneously on our arms, back and shoulders, as well as stomach and legs. The versatility of such training makes it unrivalled when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body fat.

    Rope RP02 HMS is terminated with durable covers for strong grip. Exercise with rope RP02 HMS can have many forms that is why it is recommended both for beginners, as well as advanced users. Everyone will surely find their own way to use it.

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