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Treniruočių kilimėlis Adidas, 183x61x1,0cm, mėlynas

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  • 10mm thick, the adidas training mat has full padding for extra comfort whilst you train. The cushioned mat reduces pressure on the joints whilst closed cell technology minimises moisture absorption; keeping the mat fresh and reducing irritation.


    Designed with stitched fabric edging for added durability, the mat features a ridged base which grips the floor, increasing traction for more effective training. Equipped with a separate Velcro carry strap, the adidas Training Mat is rollable for easy transport.


    • Ample cushioning for comfort – 10mm thick
    • Closed cell technology minimises moisture absorption
    • Ridged bottom helps grip the floor and reduce movement
    • Stitched fabric edging offers added durability
    • Strong Velcro shoulder strap included
    • Rollable for easy transport and storage
    • Dimensions – 183 (L) x 61 (W) cm
    • Easy to clean
    • Made from NBR

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