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Traukimo rankena tricepsams Marbo 70 cm

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  • A small detail can significantly affect the quality of the entire exercise.That is why in all guidebooks there is a repeated statement that exercises should be done carefully. But the importance of details also applies to the equipment itself. An inconspicuous rope for the lift can significantly improve the efficiency of exercises.

    A lift cord is an element that will significantly increase the efficiency of exercises by forcing greater care and precision in their performance. Its main purpose is to exercise the arms triceps, biceps as well as the shoulder and shoulder muscles.

    Perfect for strengthening and exercising the three-necked muscles of the neck.

    The cord at both ends has rubber sleeves that ensure a secure grip. The material from which it is made allows for a strong and stable grip.

    This inconspicuous little thing allows maximum "pumping up" of the muscles and thus better stimulation of their growth.

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