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Svoris grifui su cementiniu užpildu 30mm inSPORTline 2.5kg

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  • Cement Weight Plate inSPORTline CEM 2.5 kg is a modern plate for both barbells and dumbbells, but it can also be used with multi-purpose power benches for 30-mm plates. Cement Weight Plate inSPORTline CEM 2.5 kg is made of high-quality and durable plastic material with cement filling. Because of their excellent materials and because they are easy to handle, Cement Weight Plates inSPORTline have become a popular exercise equipment in both home and commercial gyms.

    Technical description:

    • Multi-purpose weight plates
    • Cement filling
    • Special plastic coating that is resistant to wear
    • Hole diameter: 30 mm
    • Weight: 2.5 kg
    • Dimensions: 21.3 cm diameter, 40 mm width
    • Suitable for all types of bars with 30 mm in diameter and multi-purpose benches for 30-mm plates
    • Price per piece

    Parameters of all the weights in this series:




     1.25 kg

     16.5 cm

     3.1 cm

     2.50 kg

     21.3 cm 

     4.0 cm

     5.00 kg

     25.5 cm

     4.6 cm 

     10.00 kg

     32.8 cm

     5.6 cm 

     15.00 kg

     40.6 cm

     6.7 cm 

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