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Šuolių platforma inSPORTline CF050 60cm

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  • Jump Platform inSPORTline CF050 60 cm is suitable for a wide range of training exercises. One or more platforms are used mainly to develop explosive strength, focusing either on the whole body or separate areas. Jump Platform inSPORTline CF050 will be appreciated by both professional and recreational athletes, as well as couches training their teams. Jump platforms are often used in circuit training that has been becoming more popular lately. Durable steel material provides a 120-kg weight limit. The platform’s surface is coated with anti-slip material for better stability when you jump. Other advantages include special coating that prevents abrasions and scratches.

    Technical description:

    • Suitable for developing explosive strength
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
    • Suitable for circuit training
    • Strong and stable frame
    • Anti-slip rubber coating on the platform
    • Special anti-scratch coating of the frame
    • Dimensions: width 43 x height 60 cm
    • Material: steel
    • Weight limit: 120 kg
    • Price per 1 pc

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