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Suolelis bicepsams Marbo MF-L003, stovimos padėties - burgundy

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    Marbo Sport
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  • Modlitewnik stojąc MF-L003 - Marbo Sport

    The MF-L003 biceps bench is a professional tool that will allow you to sculpt steel arm muscles in a standing position.

    The construction of the biceps bench is based on thick 100x50 mm profiles
    with a wall of 3 mm, which guarantees the solidity and strength of the entire structure.

    The three-step adjustment of the grips on the neck allows you to adjust the bench to the length of the arms of the trainee, so that you can move in the full range of the exercise.

    In addition, the bench angle has been carefully checked and tested by us to make training even more efficient and comfortable.

    Note the new upholstery we have equipped with the MF-L003 biceps bench. We built it from 4 elements matched to the anatomical shapes of the person exercising, which increases the comfort of exercise. All upholstery elements are mounted on a full sheet # 3 mm thick, which significantly increases the safety of training.

    Free Weight Line - free weight gym

    The Marbo Free Weight series is commercial equipment for free weight, designed for professional bodybuilders who value comfort and confidence of exercise.

    The devices in this series are characterized by a construction based on 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 40 mm durable profiles with a wall thickness of 3 mm. The design of each structure has eye-pleasing curves that, combined with the rounded upholstery casing, make the Free Weight series look attractive and modern. This equipment will be the pride of any professional gym!

    Free Weight
    Modlitewnik stojąc MF-L003 - Marbo Sport

    See what exercises you will do with the biceps bench MF-L003

    • Forearm flexing based on a bench in a hammer grip
    • Raising forearms on a biceps bench
    • Raising forearms on a biceps bench with a change of grip


    Applied solutions

    Modlitewnik stojąc MF-L003 - Marbo Sport Modlitewnik stojąc MF-L003 - Marbo Sport Modlitewnik stojąc MF-L003 - Marbo Sport

    Adjustable neck grips

    We made safety hooks from sheet metal
    thickness # 10 mm, which ensures 100% training safety. Thanks to the asymmetrical design, the handles offer up to six levels of height adjustment.

    Rubber damping pads are attached to the hooks of the handles. They ensure silent deposition of the bar during training and protect the grips and neck from bruises and scratches.

    Rubber feet

    We have equipped the biceps bench with thick rubber feet, which means that the equipment will not move during exercise.

    Thanks to the application. rubber feet for bench legs, you can be sure that it will not scratch your floor.

    Reinforced upholstery

    The upholstery has a double reinforcement on each edge of the upholstered element. We were able to achieve this by using Coats' thick, strong core thread in combination with durable synthetic leather.

    The back and seat elements are mounted on a full sheet # 3 mm thick.

    This design not only ensures enormous durability, but also amazing aesthetics of finishing your new equipment.

    Technical data

    Modlitewnik stojąc MF-L003 - Marbo Sport

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