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Sulankstomos trekingo, žygių lazdos FERRINO Jet - 130 cm

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  • The Folding Trekking Poles FERRINO Jet are four-piece poles made of extremely durable aluminum alloy (duralumin). The individual parts can be easily folded/unfolded. Since the poles take up minimum space when folded up, you can carry them around in you backpack. The poles feature anti-slip foam handles which – together with adjustable straps – allow for a perfect grip. The steel tips and silent spike pads allow for a smooth use in any terrain. Since the Folding Trekking Poles FERRINO Jet come in various lengths, they are suitable for users of all heights. If you are looking for durable and easy-to-store trekking poles, these are the clear choice.

    Technical description:

    • Four folding parts
    • Fixed length
    • Extended anti-slip handles
    • Steel tips
    • Silent spike pads
    • Adjustable straps for wrist fixation
    • Easy-to-store
    • Suitable for both running a trekking
    • Weight: 400g (120cm)
    • Material: 7075 aluminum alloy
    • Diameter: 14mm

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