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Stalo teniso raketės guma CORNILLEAU DRIVE SPIN - Red 2 mm

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    Drive Spin is a traditional all-round covering ‘Made in Japan’. Its qualities: very substantial, lasting grip, moderate transmission of energy for greater versatility, fairly soft 40° sponge for heightened sensation. A classic for your allround game.

    The GRIP EXTEND enables you to transmit even greater spin in every phase of the game through increased elasticity and impressive level of grip.

    The optimisation of the density and geometry of the pimples is one of the keys to performance with the coverings.

    The SPIN combination guarantees control and rotation.

    The grip is determined by both the sponge + topsheet but mostly by the specification of the topsheet (grip + elasticity + pimples shape).

    With a higher grip, the ball spin will be superior and more elasticity will increase the contact surface with the ball. The shape and density of the pimples will also greatly influence the effect. Finally, our technologies will bring enhanced “grip” performance.

    Speed is determined by both the sponge + topsheet but mostly the specification of the sponge (resilience ‘spring effect’ + thickness + hardness).

    A thick sponge (2.0mm or max) best suits OFF/OFF+ players whereas thinner (1.6 or 1.8mm) will offer more control and be more suited to all-round players. Sponge hardness is generally measured in degrees (higher grade = firmer sponge). Our technologies will bring enhanced “speed” performance. 

    This covering range is the result of a major joint Research & Development program conducted by Cornilleau and leading Japanese experts.

    All our rubbers are accredited by the ITTF for official use in international tournaments. 

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