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Stalo futbolo stalas biurams, ofisams inSPORTline Modrico PRO

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  • The Foosball Table inSPORTline Modrico is a sturdy, stable, coin-operated foosball table with a glass top. The robust legs and solid boards make sure the table doesn’t move during the game while the coin slot with a half-closed ball entry cup and a glass top prevents players from illegally adjusting the ball during play. The glass also has a soundproofing effect. The LED-illuminated surface will make the games extra special.

    You might also appreciate the manual scoreboards. The top of the table can be flipped up, allowing you to clean the playing surface or remove the coins from the coin tray. The flip-up system consists of a lock and a key (included).

    Technical description:

    • Foosball table made of medium-density fiberboard
    • Sturdy and stable construction
    • Wear-resistant playing surface
    • Robust legs for ultimate stability
    • Glass top (prevents ball stealing and/or objects being thrown on the playing surface; has a soundproofing effect)
    • LED-illuminated playing surface
    • 22 players (1-2-5-3 setup)
    • Comes with 12 balls
    • Manual scoreboards 
    • Mechanical coin slot with a lever (round coins)
    • Ball is released into the half-closed ball entry cup after the coin in inserted (the ball can only be put in play; it can’t be removed completely)
    • Flip-up top part (lock and key are included)
    • Attractive graphic design
    • Playing surface dimensions: 109 x 70 cm
    • Assembled dimensions: 140 x 110 x 96 cm
    • Playing board thickness: 18 mm
    • Side board thickness: 36 mm
    • Hollow steel guide rods:
      • Thickness: 16 mm
      • Material strength: 2 mm
    • Table weight: 90 kg
    • Suitable for home and recreational use

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