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Spyruoklinis užraktas grifui Marbo MA-Z001 28/29 mm

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    Marbo Sport
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  • Check out the classic, perfect spring calipers from Marbo-Sport! This is an original product that you will not find anywhere else - choose a unique item that will guarantee you great functionality and style!

    Made to fit our bars down to the millimeter.

    It is made of a 4-mm-thick rod, which creates a tight weave, guarantees durability and safety.

    You can place the clamp directly on the load as the clamp "wings" are slightly tilted.

    4 mm thick spring

    The 4-millimeter-thick rod from which the clamps are made creates a tight weave that will not be moved even by a heavy weight!

    The use of a spring construction had to be a bull's eye. Thanks to this solution, you gain threefold:

    • First of all, you can be sure of the strongest grip on the clamp - it does not depend on the precision of your tightening, but the clamp itself squeezes the bar on which it is fitted.
    • Second, you can place it directly on the load as the "wings" of the clip are slightly tilted. Forget about rattling and shifting loads!
    • Third and most importantly, you can unscrew them easily, quickly and without any additional tool. Now changing the fitting and removal of the clamps is a pleasure - you can do it in one move, quickly and reliably.

    Accessories line - accessories for Marbo products

    Marbo equipment is always an extra opportunity. Thanks to the extensive range of various accessories, you are able to expand your equipment, constantly increasing its functionality for ridiculously low money. Opportunities count and we know it perfectly well.

    From now on, all accessories, such as lift poles, prayer books, locks, presses and platforms, combine under one flag, creating the new Marbo Accessories series.

    To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center. The result of these tests is the Security Certificate and Top Security Certificate that we have received for the Accessories line devices.

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