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Sniegbačiai FERRINO Baldas Nevada Castor Special

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    1.9 kg
  • The Snowshoes FERRINO Baldas Nevada Castor Special are perfect for terrain use as well as all types of snow. Despite only being 24cm wide, they provide a high level of comfort while walking in any terrain. The six bottom and three front steel crampons will keep you safe at all times. The built-in heel protects not only your calves, but also your Achilles heel, especially during uphill climbs. Making walking in deep snow as easy as possible, the Snowshoes FERRINO Baldas Nevada Castor Special are perfect for all hikers.

    These Ferrino Snowshoes feature the Castor binding which makes them suitable for the following shoe sizes: 34-48. Securing the shoe in the snowshoe is extremely easy – all you have to do is secure the front part of the shoe by tightening the cord threaded through two buckles and then lock it in place with the rubber cover. The back part of the shoe is secured by fastening the buckle. The stainless steel reinforcement and minimum wear of the mechanism during walking ensure a long lifespan.

    Technical description:

    • Modern snowshoes with crampons
    • Large base
    • Built-in heel
    • Jagged bottom
    • Three front crampons
    • Six side crampons
    • Quick lock/release system
    • Stainless steel reinforced binding
    • Weight limit: 90kg
    • Material: plastic
    • Weight: 1.9kg (pair)
    • Dimensions: 61.4 x 24cm
    • Suitable for following shoes sizes: 34-48

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