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Slalomo riedučiai Nils Extreme NA20006 juodi-auksiniai - 44

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    Nils Extreme
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  • NA20006 Nils Extreme are inline skates intended for intermediate and advanced skaters, for recreational and competitive skating. Their attractive appearance is the result of not only interesting design, but above all the use of very high-quality materials. Light but hard shoe guarantees safety while driving. The ventilation system used and the soft EVA insole directly increase the comfort of the user. The roller skate has three wheels, 100 mm in diameter, which enable it to reach high speeds. In this model, it is also possible to mount four wheels with a diameter of 90 mm. High quality of traction is ensured by ABEC9 bearings. This model is equipped with two aluminum buckles which, combined with a hard skeleton, guarantee perfect foot support.

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