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Slalomo riedučiai Nils Extreme NA20002 juodi-auksiniai - 35

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    Nils Extreme
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  • NA20002 Nils Extreme are inline skates designed for freeriding. They have been designed to ensure the best maneuverability, precision of movements and stability while negotiating slalom. Their construction is based on a light shoe and a special one-piece, reinforced aluminum skid. The skid was made using a special technology of pressure casting. High quality of traction is ensured by ABEC9 bearings. Soft wheels guarantee good adhesion to the ground and absorb all vibrations well. Their specific configuration is a factor increasing the maneuverability of the roller. The two middle wheels are larger than the two extreme wheels, which provides greater control over the track. The clasp is a double aluminum buckle with a tensioning mechanism and lacing, thanks to which the shoe fits perfectly to the user's foot. On the outside of the shoe, there is a special slider, which is a common element used in freeriding.

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