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Skraidantis žiedas Aerobie Sprint Yellow 25cm

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  • Aerobie SPRINT Flying Disc is a smaller version of the Aerobie Pro disc, which established a new record marked in Guinness world records. The Aerobie Sprint flying disc excels in the flying distance and in the straight flying trajectory. It flies twice so far than othes discs. Contrary to the PRO version, it is suitable for small spaces such as parks, playgrounds, beaches, camps etc. It is recommended for children older than 7 years. Aerobie SPRINT Flying Disc  will be appreciated by players of all levels. Due to its unique construction it flies straight and smoothly using the upward lift like skating on an invisible icy level. Its smooth any straight flying trajectory is independent of the force, that you throw it with. Thanks to its soft edge you can catch it easily. Soft edge protects this device from damage during possible collision.

    Technical parameters:

    • flies twice so far than other discs
    • soft rubber edge for easy catching
    • disc doesn’t float in water
    • diameter: 25 cm – suitable for smaller places
    • weight: 61 g
    • recommended age: 7+
    • made in the USA


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