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Skraidantis žiedas Aerobie PRO Purple 33cm

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  • Aerobie PRO flying disc has excellent flying qualities incomparable with similar products of other brands. This product broke a world record in flying distance, when it flew 406 m. This result is written in Guinness Records. It is possible to sling it on the distance of 100 m with minimal power. Due to its special construction and special rubber lace on the edge it can survive collision without damage. Even 30 years after its invention it surprises with its straight and smooth flying trajectory.

    Technical parameters:

    • excellent and incomparable flying qualities
    • flying range 400 m
    • soft rubber edge
    • disc doesn’t float in water
    • diameter: 33 cm
    • weight: 114 g
    • recommended age: 12+
    • made in USA


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