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Šiaurietiško ėjimo lazdos inSPORTline Altiplano 100 Pair Blue

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  • The Trekking Poles inSPORTline Altiplano 100 Blue are modern, 3-section trekking poles made of lightweight aluminum alloy. Thanks to a simple screw mechanism, the length of the poles (67 – 135 cm) can be adjusted in no time. When at the shortest length, the poles take up minimum space. They feature an anti-shock system which not only provides a high level of comfort, but also helps your joints. The reflective stripe improves the visibility of the user in low light conditions. The large handle is made of anti-slip foam. Their ergonomic shape helps remove sweat and allows for a variety of grips. Moreover, the handle also features an adjustable strap for a better grip during push off. The set includes replacement tip covers for different surfaces and replacement snow baskets. All of the above makes the Trekking Poles inSPORTline Altiplano 100 Blue perfect for both summer and winter seasons.

    Technical description:

    • 3-section telescopic poles
    • Anti-shock system (suspension)
    • Reflective elements
    • Easily adjustable length (screw mechanism)
    • Adjustable handle strap
    • Replacement tip covers for different surfaces
    • Replacement caps for winter use
    • Pole material: 6061 aluminum
    • Handle: foam (EVA) with plastic edge; ergonomically shaped for variety of grips, better adhesion, transfer of power, sweat removal
    • Adjustable length: 67 – 135 cm (marked line: 110 – 135 cm)
    • Diameter: 14/16/18 mm
    • Handle length: 27 cm
    • Tip material: steel
    • Cap material: rubber
    • Weight: 540 g (pair)
    • Price per two poles

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