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Riedžio "Kartingas" Windrunner Funcart Black

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  • Are you already tired of a classical electroboard riding? Do you want to vary your riding for greater fun? You can buy a special Funcart.

    It is a special accessory for your electroboard Windrunner Funcart consisting of a metal frame with a seat, steering levers and front wheel. Its rear part can be easily attached to any electroboard with wheel size of 6.5-10“ using Velcro straps. Moreover, the length of this device is adjustable as well. Even users with higher body proportions will have no problem to enjoy their rides. After start you can easily control it using levers. Turning, speeding or braking is very easy. Ends of the levers have fine foam coating for more comfortable gripping. They don’t slip off your hands. You put your feet onto rests at the front part of this device.

    Store the battery in shady and dry place with temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Before long-time storing, charge it fully and recharge at least every 6 months up to 100% of its capacity.

    Using this accessory gives a new dimension to the electroboard applicability and allows you to gift to your children an unexpected experience. See more on the: video!

    Technical parameters:

    • Strap fastening
    • Easy installation
    • Ergonomically shaped seat
    • Steering levers
    • Length: 57-75 cm (from the outer rest end to the seat middle)
    • Material of frame: steel
    • Material of seat: plastic
    • Grip material: EVA foam
    • Wheel diameter: 100 mm
    • Recommended speed limit: 12 km/h
    • Max. user weight: 100 kg
    • Product weight: 4.5 kg
    • Suitable for electroboards with wheels from 6.5 to 10"

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