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Riedučiai Nils Extreme NQ1002 rožiniai-balti - PU76 mm/82A (M 35-38)

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    Nils Extreme
    2.3 kg
    24 mėn.
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  • NQ1002 Nils Extreme are roller skates intended for the youngest users.

    The roller skates have very good driving properties. This is due to the skids, made of a very durable material and a multi-lever fastening system, consisting of a Velcro strap, buckles and shoelaces, firmly holding the feet. All this makes this model work well in all conditions, providing a unique experience. The NQ1002 Nils Extreme model is also equipped with a three-step shoe size adjustment, allowing it to be adapted to the user's needs.

    The roller skates are made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability for a long time of use. ABEC7 class bearings provide lower rolling resistance, i.e. a smooth ride, and the brake guarantees safety.

    The NQ1002 Nils Extreme is pure driving pleasure!

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