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Riedučiai Nils Extreme NJ4613 purpuriniai - PU70 mm/82A (S 31-34)

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    Nils Extreme
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  • NJ4613 Nils Extreme are inline skates intended for the youngest users. The product is a combination of an interesting design with high-quality workmanship. It is available in three attractive color versions.

    The semi-soft shoe ensures comfort, and the lacing, buckle and Velcro strap guarantee maximum safety while riding. Thanks to a simple adjustment system, you can easily and quickly adjust the shoe size to the user's foot.

    The rollerblade is equipped with a special aluminum skid and a brake, which ensures safety while skating. In turn, the wheels and bearings of the ABEC7 class allow for lower rolling resistance, i.e. faster driving. In addition, NJ4605 has a front LED wheel, thanks to which the child will be visible even after dark.

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