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Riedučiai Nils Extreme NA1118 purpuriniai - PU70 mm/82A (S 31-34)

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    Nils Extreme
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  • NA1118 A Nils Extreme are inline skates intended for the youngest fans of skating. The inline skate combines classic design with top performance quality.

    Synthetic leather, EVA material, 145 g mesh, 3 mm foam and breathable membrane allow for comfortable skating. A light and durable vented boot provides comfort during use and s system of straps (velcro, two-section buckle, lacing) ensures maximum safety. A simple adjustment system enables easy and fast adjustment of the size to the user’s foot.

    The inline skate is equipped with a special aluminium blade. In turn, the wheels and ABEC9 bearings reduce rolling drag and guarantee faster ride.

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