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Riedlentė Spartan Circle Star 31" - Cold Abstract

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  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced users, the Skateboard Spartan Circle Star is suitable for recreational in-town or skate park riding. It features high-quality 608Z bearings and 50 x 36mm PU rubber wheels that ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Made of 11mm Indonesian laminate, the 31” deck is extremely lightweight. The anti-slip grip tape makes sure you don’t slip.

    Technical description:

    • Deck: Indonesian laminate (1.1 cm), double concave
    • Bearings: 608Z
    • Wheels: 50 x 36 mm, PU rubber
    • Chassis: 5” ALU
    • Dimensions: 78 x 20 x 1.1 cm (31”)
    • Weight limit: 110 kg
    • Weight: approx. 1 kg
    • Anti-slip grip tape on top

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