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Raketės pagrindas Cornilleau Gatien Crown ALL+ - Widening

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    The essence of Swedish expertise is featured by this top of the range 5 plywood blade.

    The external Anigre layers give the additional dynamism required for finishing shots.

    The thicker central structure with the 2 walnut layers provides great stability and control plus exceptional versatility.

    The nature and quality of the type of wood selected bring their attributes to the blade. The more rigid the combination is, the more speed it will provide.

    The speed is also defined by the number of wood plies and their thickness. Some combinations have a carbon inlay ply to bring extra rigidity hence superior speed. 

    The nature and quality of the wood species selected bring their attributes to the blade. The feel is directly induced by the choice of wood species and their combination. Manufacturing know-how is crucial. A superior blade will provide impressive steadiness and accuracy in the game especially at high level.  

    The 'Jean-Philippe Gatien Blades Series' is based on his playing experience and constant search for effectiveness. 

    Within this field, Swedish know-how stands out as an absolute reference point: highest mastery in the choice of wooden essences, in their combination and assembly.

    For around 50 years, Cornilleau's carpentry expertise has been evident. This has been successfully used on an industrial scale and has given an excellent level of understanding and knowledge in wood materials.

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