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Professional Flooring for Free Weights Marbo Black - 1 cm

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    Marbo Sport
    10 kg
    24 mėn.
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  • A professional floor for free weights is the perfect protective surface for the free weight zone and fitness equipment in your club. The product has excellent cushioning and provides a protective surface for the floor in your club.

    The material from which the floor was created for free weights is SBR granulate recycled from tires with embedded EPDM rubber. This product is 100% resistant to abrasion and color change.

    Minimal surface thickness, taking into account its purpose:

    • Minimum surface thickness for Cardio equipment - 10 mm
    • Minimal surface thickness for the free-weight zone - 15 mm
    • Minimal surface thickness for the functional zone - 15 mm
    • Minimal surface thickness for kettlebell and weightlifters training - 25 mm

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