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Pripučiama irklentė Aztron Nebula 12.10” (iki 185kg)

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  • There are not many outdoor activities for entire families. The Family Paddleboard with Accessories Aztron Nebula 12’10” provides one such activity. Suitable for up to 3 persons, this stable board is the clear choice for all water lovers.

    Water fun for entire family

    The Aztron Nebula is a paddleboard with a high weight limit of up to 210kg, making it suitable for entire families. Its anti-slip deck is large enough for 2 adults and 1 child, allowing you to paddle either with your family or your friends. Its size makes the paddleboard extremely stable. As a result, even if there are three people on it, they will have no difficulty maintaining balance. An additional fin in the center helps maintain direction. This paddleboard is suitable for calm water use, i.e. lakes, ponds, reservoirs or sea. This board will make your vacation a lot more interesting.



    Paddleboard Aztron Titan


    Two chambers – ultra solid and safe

    The Aztron Nebula SUP features two separate chambers, making the structure more solid (inner walls provide additional reinforcement). Moreover, thanks to the two chambers, this paddleboard has riding characteristics similar to those of inflatable, polycarbonate paddleboards. This board does not bend. The two chambers also make the board safer. In case of an accident and air leak in one of the chambers, the other one will allow you to get safely ashore.


    Komory paddleboardu Aztron Titan 


    Little tweaks that will come in handy both in and out of water

    The Aztron Nebula paddleboard is not just the board. It has plenty of little tweaks that allow for more comfortable paddling and carrying. The elastic bungee cords allow you to carry light cargo that you do not want to leave on the shore while the anti-slip EVA pad with a deep “diamond” pattern on a large part of the deck allows for a perfect grip and prevents slipping. However, even if you do slip, it is okay. There is a stainless-steel D-ring to which you can attach a leash, which you put on your leg, making sure you do not lose your paddleboard. You may also appreciate the 5 solid handles for easy carrying. 


    Výbava paddleboardu Aztron Titan


    Accessories for two included

    The paddleboard comes with everything you might need during your water adventures – two three-piece, length-adjustable aluminum paddles, a high-pressure pump with a pressure gauge and two safety leashes. You can put everything (including a folded paddleboard) in a solid backpack with comfortable shoulder straps. All you have to do is put the backpack on your back and get going.


    Příslušenství paddleboardu Aztron Titan

    Technical description:

    • Large paddleboard suitable for up to 3 persons
    • Two-chamber structure for better strength and safety
    • “Drop stitch” technology (inner polyester fibers)
    • High weight limit
    • Excellent stability
    • Large anti-slip pad
    • Elastic bungee cords for carrying light cargo
    • Stainless steel D-ring for attaching leash
    • 2 removable fins (easy-to-install), all you have to do is insert it
    • 5 handles for easy carrying
    • Max pressure: 1.03 bar (15 psi)
    • Material: dual layer PVC, anti-slip EVA pad
    • Deck dimensions: 390 x 86 cm
    • Deck thickness: 15 cm
    • Volume: 460 L
    • Weight limit: 210 kg
    • Comes with two aluminum paddles, two safety leashes, high-pressure pump with pressure gauge, carry backpack, two fins and repair kit

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