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Plastikinės rogutės Spartan Snow Boat Red

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  • Plastic sledge Spartan Snow Boat is suitable especially for children who want to find fun even in winter. The sledge is made of one piece and two side-levers for safe braking, and therefore the construction is stronger, more durable and safer. Hardened plastic that is highly resistant to shocks adds the sledge even greater strength. Due to the load capacity of 60 kg, the sledge can carry even two children at once. Finally, the plastic sledge has a rope, allowing you to easily pull the child.

    Technical description:

    • levers for safe braking
    • rope for pulling the sledge
    • shock resistant
    • load capacity: 60 kg
    • material: hardened plastic
    • dimensions: length 86 cm x width 47 cm
    • suitable for children from 5 years


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