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Oro jogos hamakas inSPORTline Hemmok

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  • Antigravity Aero Yoga Hammock inSPORTline Hemmok is suitable for anti-gravity yoga training. It is an equipment for worldwide-known “Flying Yoga” or otherwise called “Aerie Yoga”. This workout combines yoga, dancing and acrobatics. It enriches your exercising by new positions which would be impossible without the hammock. Moreover, it is an affective and strengthening accessory. You can involve your thighs and abdominal muscles. It is made of pleasant to touch and firm Taffeta nylon and can be attached to ceiling or beam using steel snap-hooks. Its max. load capacity is up to 200 kg (depending on attaching). Antigravity Aero Yoga Hammock inSPORTline Hemmok is highly appreciated equipment enriching your yoga exercising.

    Technical parameters:

    • Suitable for Anti-gravity yoga
    • New and unusual positions
    • Combination of yoga, acrobatics and dancing
    • For Flying yoga, Aerie yoga, Anti-gravity yoga
    • Effective strengthening device
    • Hanging ropes not included
    • Strap length: 140 cm, 70 cm, 20 cm
    • Material: Taffeta Nylon 210T, steel
    • Dimensions: 280 x 150 cm
    • Max. load capacity: 200 kg

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