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Multifunkcinis žaidimų stalas Worker 3in1 80x140x70cm

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  • The popular Multi Game Table WORKER 3-in-1 is the best way to spend leisure time as it offers 3 popular games. The main features of this table are a structure made of durable MDF (medium density fiberboard) and square legs. The quick and easy board-changing system allows for hours of undisturbed fun. The stable structure and excellent playing characteristics make the Multi Game Table WORKER 3-in-1 perfect for home, club and/or pub use.

    Technical description:

    • Easy board replacement
    • Stable structure
    • Games: billiards, ping pong, hockey
    • Table dimensions: length-139.2 x width-69.8 x height-80.8cm
    • Billiard board dimensions: 120.4 x 60.2cm
    • Ping pong board dimensions: 139.2 x 69.8cm
    • Legs: 76.4cm (MDF material)
    • Weight: 40kg
    • Suitable for home, club and pub use
    • Recommended age: 6+


    • Set of billiard balls
    • Triangle
    • 2 chalks
    • 2 cues
    • 2 forwards (hockey)
    • 2 pucks
    • 3 ping pong balls
    • 2 ping pong paddles
    • Ping pong net

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