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Montuojamas prie sienos skersinis prisitraukimams BenchK D9 115x68cm

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  • The Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar Benchmark D9 is perfect for strengthening shoulder and back muscles. Pull-up bar exercise can help relieve back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The six handles allow for a variety of grips, allowing you to engage different muscle groups. The handles are anti-slip, allowing for a perfect grip even with sweaty hands. The pull-up bar is mounted to the wall with 10 screws. The reinforced metal structure allows for a 150kg weight limit. The Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar Benchmark D9 is perfect for an individual home workout. 

    Technical description:

    • Reinforced structure
    • 6 anti-slip rubber handles
    • Mounted to wall with 10 screws
    • Pull-up bar length: 115cm
    • Distance between front handles: 56cm
    • Distance between back handles: 27cm
    • Distance between bar and wall: 50cm
    • Distance between front handle ends and wall: 68.5cm
    • Bar diameter: 2.5cm
    • Weight limit: 150kg
    • Suitable for home gyms

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