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Montuojamas prie sienos skersinis - lygiagretės 2in1 BenchK D8 -

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  • Parallel Bars and a Pull-Up Bar 2in1 Benchmark D8 is a multi-purpose training accessory for home use. The frame is attached to the wall with two mounting hooks. If you turn it over, you’ll get parallel bars to strengthen your abs and triceps. The frame is made of high-quality metal with resistant coating. Both the pull-up bar and the parallel bars have anti-slip features to make your training safer and more comfortable. You can further expand the range of your exercise options with resistance bands, suspension systems and other similar accessories. All of these attributes make Parallel Bars and a Pull-Up Bar 2in1 Benchmark D8 a popular piece of equipment for every home gym.

    Technical description:

    • Multi-purpose parallel bars and a pull-up bar
    • Strong metal frame
    • Anti-slip features
    • 4 mounting hooks
    • The range of exercise options can be expanded with resistance bands or suspension systems
    • Bar diameter: 3.5 cm
    • Bar length: 100 cm
    • Distance between parallel bars: 55 cm
    • Height: 45 cm
    • Length: 70 cm
    • Weight limit: 150 kg

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