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MMA pirštinės Spartan Handschuh

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  • The MMA Gloves Spartan Handschuh are fingerless gloves that allow you not only to punch your opponent but also grab them, making them suitable for MMA as well as other combat sports where gripping is used. The gloves are made of high-quality leather with contrasting white edging which ensures a long service life. Since the padding is anatomically shaped, it protects your knuckles without restricting your movement. The wide Velcro strap allows you to secure the glove in place on your wrist. The MMA Gloves Spartan Handschuh will keep your hands safe and comfortable during practice. 

    Technical description:

    • Fingerless practice gloves
    • Made of genuine leather
    • Ergonomic padding
    • Wide Velcro strap for securing wrist
    • Excellent impact absorption
    • Suitable for punching and gripping
    • Contrasting white edging
    • Material: leather

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