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Minkštų pliometrinių dėžių rinkinys HMS Premium

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    HMS Premium
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  • PYBS01 HMS PREMIUM is a set of four soft plyometric boxes of various dimensions.

    PYBS01 HMS boxes are made of durable materials that make them solid, and at the same time soft enough from the outside to protect the exerciser from possible injury caused by an impact. By knocking over each box, we get three different heights, and at the same time a different training surface. Elements can be freely combined with each other and placed on top of each other, without fear of falling over. This gives you the opportunity to constantly improve your skills and train. The boxes can withstand even the most intense workouts, they are also sweat and moisture resistant.

    The main application of plyometric boxes, as the name suggests, has been and is plyometric training. The purpose of this training is to increase muscle power, and thus increase training possibilities. This training can be used in any sport that requires speed, agility and reflexes. The boxes can of course also be used for many other exercises, not related to plyometrics.

    Plyometric boxes have become a permanent fixture in training halls, gyms and at home. Very often, training plans include exercises for various muscle parts, performed with their use. This fact should come as no surprise as the number of uses for the crates is endless.

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