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Masažinis pasunkintas lankas lieknėjimui Spartan Massage 100cm 1100g

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  • Regular exercise with Hula Hoop Spartan Massage will get rid your body of excess fat on problem parts such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips and legs. Swirling motion  with a Hula Hoop positively affects the functioning of hips, lower back and the whole area of the spine. Regular exercise with a hoop will achieve effective strengthening of the entire body. It is also possible to jump through the Spartan Hula Hoop and it can thus serve as a skipping rope.

    Technical description:

    • resistant massage hoop of light plastic material
    • hoop diameter: 100.5 cm
    • 24 foam massage acupressure wheels
    • weight: 1.1 kg
    • versatile exercise tool for strengthening the entire body


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