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Masažinis kamuolys HMS BLM02 dvigubas - 12 x 24 cm

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  • BLM02 HMS are double balls which serve to release overstressed myofascial trigger points. Massaging balls BLM02 HMS are very easy to use. It is enough to put a ball to hard surface, such as the wall or floor, so that its motion is stabilised. Next, you need to press against chosen points on the body. Using balls for massage allows us to reach even the least accessible muscle sections. Their efficiency is an outcome of the small size, which enables precise pressing of trigger points, i.e. the source of pain. The balls BLM02 HMS are intended for athletes at different advancement levels. They are perfect for minor pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. They are often used be persons training CROSS FIT in order to improve motor mobility.

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