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Lygiagretės Marbo MH-U101

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  • Comprehensive training of many muscle groups is already possible thanks to the MH-U101.2.0 handrail . Stationary, small-size equipment will be perfect for smaller rooms, thanks to which working out your dream, modeled, emphasized and strong abdominal and arm muscles will be easier than you think.

    The railing will allow you to perform exercises such as leg raises or doing push-ups in the air! Thanks to the lower handles for push-ups, you can also make their traditional version. It is worth noting that growth does not matter in our country - our new generation handrail has been extended to 2257 mm, so that even very tall people can do training at home. To make the equipment on which you exercise is completely stable and safe, we extended its base by 10 cm and added rubber feet.

    We know that the comfort of exercise is important, which is why we have equipped our handrail with a large backrest, as many as four handles with rubber handles and two comfortable, upholstered armrests, which, by profiling to the inside, ensure stable elbows during training. This solution, used in professional commercial devices, has also been used in the new generation of our Home line dedicated to people training at home!

    With our handrails you will perform exercises such as:

    • Swedish push-ups
    • Hanging Leg Raise
    • Pulling up on the stick in a wide grip
    • Pull-ups on the stick in a narrow grip

    Adjustable handle

    The handle on the armrests can be adjusted to your needs thanks to the appropriate adjustment with the pressure knob. You can place them at two distances from the wall - 43 cm and 47 cm. By locking the handles in the selected position, you will not feel discomfort during the exercises. The handles are secured with rubber handles.

    Ergonomic armrests

    Exercise equipment must not only be functional, but also comfortable to use. In the new generation MH-U102 we have introduced a solution used in professional commercial devices - in this model we have used ergonomic, inclined, contoured armrests that provide comfortable and secure support for your elbows. An additional advantage of this solution is the stable keeping of the elbows apart during the training of the abdominal muscles.

    Bottom push-up handles

    We make every effort to ensure that our equipment is multifunctional and gives maximum satisfaction and excellent training results. We have added a special, comfortable handle to the handrail, with the help of which you can perform push-ups that will work on the muscles of your arms.

    Platforms facilitating the exercise of exercises

    Push-ups, hanging legs and chin-ups have never been so easy! Thanks to the platforms included in the set, you can easily assume the appropriate, technically correct position for exercises. It will certainly also make it easier to do exercises at the beginning of your journey with strength exercises.


    Wrenches for assembly

    The set includes assembly keys, thanks to which you can efficiently fold the handrails.

    Home line - equipment for home use

    The products of the Marbo Home series are intended for beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts who begin their adventure with the gym.

    The equipment is thought out in such a way as to be as functional as possible and easy to assemble. The equipment of the Home series is made of a durable 40x40 mm profile, guaranteeing stability incomparable to Chinese benches from the corresponding price range. The aesthetics of workmanship are emphasized by elegant red and black upholstery on a three-centimeter thick sponge and powder coating.

    To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center.

    The result of these tests is the Security Certificate and Top Security Certificate that we received for devices from the Home line.

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