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Lauko žymekliai Nils NZ001

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    Nils Extreme
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  • NZ001NILS are tapes for marking the playing field. Very easy to use, thanks to the attached pegs and steel eyelets, placed on the tape, we can firmly mount them in the ground. The polyester from which they are made is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. The tapes make it possible to create two squares with dimensions of approx. 5.5 x 5.5 m. The whole thing is packed in a convenient bag.


    • Material: polyester, steel
    • Circumference of one tape: 22.6 m
    • Tape width: 1.5 cm
    • Set weight: 250 g
    • The set includes 8 herrings
    • Not intended for commercial use
    • Warranty 24 months

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