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    Marbo Sport
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  • Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport

    Leg puller

    The MF-U001 leg push out crane is a professional device with a powerful design, which is an essential element of any gym. On this device, your customers will be able to perform leg training with full safety of the exerciser.

    The machine uses a completely new locking system and trolley guidance. The trolley moves on ball-bearing rollers made of strong polyamide, which guarantees smooth and extremely quiet operation of the device.

    A special trolley locking system allows for quick and intuitive locking of the machine after the exercises.

    Free Weight Line - free weight gym

    The Marbo Free Weight series is commercial equipment for free weight, designed for professional bodybuilders who value comfort and confidence of exercise.

    The devices in this series are characterized by a construction based on 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 40 mm durable profiles with a wall thickness of 3 mm. The design of each structure has eye-pleasing curves that, combined with the rounded upholstery casing, make the Free Weight series look attractive and modern. This equipment will be the pride of any professional gym!

    Free Weight
    Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport

    See what exercises you will do with the MF-U001 crane

    • Weight ejection on the crane


    Applied solutions

    Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport

    Rubberized safety platform

    The large, rubberized platform ensures safety and comfort during training.

    The platform has a rubberized surface, thanks to which the risk of slipping is reduced to a minimum.

    An additional, non-slip handle placed in the middle of the platform makes it easier to take the starting position.

    Load sleeves

    Pay attention to the finish of the sleeves: they are covered with an anti-corrosive coating during the dipping process so that they do not scratch when putting loads on them. The thick, rubber pad means that the inserted discs will not bump into the metal structure.

    The sleeves are designed for Olympic loads with a bore diameter fi50 mm.

    Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport

    Cart locking system

    The trolley is guided on profiled rollers, which allows smoother and quieter work with the load.

    The trolley lock and guides have rubber bumpers that dampen impacts. This solution protects the device against damage and reduces noise during crane operation.

    Regardless of the lock, you have four levels to adjust the lower position of the truck. Now you can choose how low the load truck will roll. Only this solution guarantees 100% safety during training.

    Reinforced upholstery

    The upholstery has a double reinforcement on each edge of the upholstered element. We were able to achieve this by using Coats' thick, strong core thread in combination with durable synthetic leather.

    The upholstery has been made of durable black plastic covers.

    They protect the upholstery from damage and give the device an extraordinary, modern design.

    Technical data

    Suwnica do wypychania na nogi MF-U001 - Marbo Sport

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