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Laisvų svorių staklės Smito kampu Marbo MF-U002

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    Marbo Sport
    260 kg
    24 mėn.
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  • Maszyna Smitha z odciążeniem gryfu MF-U002 - Marbo Sport

    Smith machine with neck support

    The Smith machine with strain relief is an irreplaceable device in every commercial gym.
    On this device, your customers will be able to perform training for the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, back and chest while maintaining full safety of the exerciser.

    Thanks to two stable guides, the device works smoothly and quietly even at maximum load. On the bottom of the guide rods there are thick, rubber bumpers that protect the slide and frame of the device against damage if the bar is released without locking it.

    The machine's hook has been fired from 5 mm thick sheet metal and equipped with thirteen belay hooks. This range of belaying enables a full range of motion during exercise, making training as efficient as possible.

    Free Weight Line - free weight gym

    The Marbo Free Weight series is commercial equipment for free weight, designed for professional bodybuilders who value comfort and confidence of exercise.

    The devices in this series are characterized by a construction based on 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 40 mm durable profiles with a wall thickness of 3 mm. The design of each structure has eye-pleasing curves that, combined with the rounded upholstery casing, make the Free Weight series look attractive and modern. This equipment will be the pride of any professional gym!

    Free Weight
    Maszyna Smitha z odciążeniem gryfu MF-U002 - Marbo Sport

    See what exercises you will do with the MF-U002 crane

    • Barbell bench press on Smith machine in a narrow grip
    • Barbell press on a Smith machine in a wide grip
    • Finger mounts on a Smith machine
    • Pressing the barbell lying in a wide grip
    • Squeezing the barbell sitting in a narrow grip
    • Pressing the barbell while sitting in a wide grip


    Applied solutions

    Maszyna Smitha (suwnica) MF-U002 - Marbo Sport Maszyna Smitha (suwnica) MF-U002 - Marbo Sport

    Belay hooks

    We made safety hooks from sheet metal
    with a thickness of # 5 mm, which ensures 100% safety of training.
    Hook has 13 levels, allowing a full range of movement during training.

    The element responsible for the deposition of the neck is covered with polyamide, thanks to which the machine is very quiet in operation.

    As you can see, the equipment of the new line is perfected!

    Olympic bar 226 cm

    The 226 cm long guide bar is designed for loading Olympic plates fi 51 mm.

    Thanks to the long load part and high strength, it can hold up to 300 kg of load!

    Maszyna Smitha (suwnica) MF-U002 - Marbo Sport Maszyna Smitha (suwnica) MF-U002 - Marbo Sport

    Polyamide bushes for loads

    The machine is equipped with polyamide coated bushings for loads. The use of polyamide makes the sleeves resistant to scratches and mechanical damage, even during frequent loading and unloading.

    You can store free weights on them, so you don't need to invest in an additional rack, you save space and money.

    The sleeves are designed for Olympic loads with a bore diameter fi50 mm.

    Neck support

    The weights inside the steel housings are responsible for reducing the weight of the neck.

    Moving on the guides during machine operation, they are a counterweight to the neck.

    Thanks to this, the weight of the neck is reduced from 26 kg to 10 kg, which allows free use of the equipment by women and beginners.


    Technical data

    Maszyna Smitha z odciążeniem gryfu MF-U002 - Marbo Sport

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