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Kaskadinis paspirtukas Nils Extreme HS202 Pro juodas-žalias

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    Nils Extreme
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  • HS202 PRO Nils Extreme is a scooter designed for children, adolescents and adults. The maximum user weight is 100 kg. The steering wheel is made of durable steel and the deck is made of aluminum alloy.

    HS202, will be perfect for asphalt surfaces, skate parks and sidewalks. 110 x 24 mm wheels and ABEC9 bearings allow for long rides with little effort. The rear flex fender foot brake ensures safe use and allows you to easily stop the scooter. Customers choosing this model pay attention to its durability and ease of use. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the Nils Extreme scooter will serve for years.

    HS202 PRO is a stunt or a stunt scooter. Scooters for stunt and freedride are devoid of the folding mechanism and the height adjustment of the steering wheel - in return, they have reinforced decks, handlebars and solid lines of welds that connect key elements - thanks to which the structure is increased. In a trick scooter, the most important features are low weight - which facilitates the evolution and endurance - which increases safety during dynamic jumps and reduces the possibility of faults. HS202 PRO has a wide three-chamber deck that is stiff and impact-resistant. The design will enable both beginners and advanced stunters to perform the evolution satisfactorily.

    The scooter has a threadless compression system (threadless, hammered heads, not twisted) - thanks to which it is able to withstand jumps and demanding tricks without loosening the bearings, the steering wheel maintains constant stiffness and easy turning. This model uses an IHC compression system with integrated headsets.

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